Maybe There Was a Reason

I was going through some of the sermons from when I was at Singing Hills….Maybe there was a reason I was fired.

This sermon was, from my reconstruction of the timeline, just before they approached my replacement to replace me.

I know I got a fair amount of pushback from this sermon.  Though mostly because I said the word, “Stupid.”  Which, by the way is a perfectly fine word to use to describe stupid stuff.  😉

Listen Here

and if you would prefer to download it….

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3 Responses to Maybe There Was a Reason

  1. Derek C says:

    oh, you mean a “stupid” reason…

    an insight from the theologian Gump, “stupid is as stupid does.”

  2. Derek C says:

    btw, liked your sermon. and i could see that if someone was convicting me with Scripture and challenging me to get out of my comfort zone, i’d prefer they get out of my face.

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