Dissolve Marriage

The nation’s highest court is hearing a couple cases involving marriage/homosexual marriage.  I have seen a lot of people posting for “Marriage Equality.”  Some are posting red equal symbols in support of homosexual marriage and then there are a plethora of symbols against.

I listened to the arguments.  In my opinion, the arguments for homosexual marriage has clearly won the day.  The arguments against were just weak at best and bizarre at worst.  I know how the courts should rule.

Dissolve marriage.

Let the government create whatever kind of civil unions, domestic partnerships, or whatever they want for the purpose of tax classes, federal benefits, etc.  They could (and should) include homosexual unions.  (For all my friends who flip out…hang on)  Homosexuality, whatever you think of it, is a fact of our world.  However much we may wish it otherwise, it is the way things are.  To ignore what is, stomp our feet and refuse to acknowledge the families that have formed is nothing short of cruel.  Beyond morality, it is a matter of compassion.  People, regardless of any other factor, are still people and they deserve to be treated as ones in whom rests the image of God.

Let’s dissolve all forms of civil marriage.

Let every church and every religious organization take the responsibility to teach their people about the holy covenant called, “Marriage.”  Let some churches explain to the homosexual couples who want to follow Jesus they are not welcome there.  Let other churches welcome them.  Let bodies of faith live out their faith and celebrate their religious covenants as they see fit.

It seems to me this would solve the whole issue–both secular and sacred.

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5 Responses to Dissolve Marriage

  1. Steve says:

    Agreed! Those of us who call Jesus Lord, let’s stop protesting, stomping our feet, whining about what ‘they’ are doing. And let’s start loving our neighbor. Where in God’s word do we see Jesus leading a rally against ‘them’, oh wait he didn’t he had lunch with ‘them’.

  2. Tom Dodson Sr says:

    In the practice of “pure religion” James 1:27, where do you see the admonition to just say “Aw Shucks” and join the sinners in thier pursuits? In the keeping of ones self “unspoted from the world” surely involves more than just a mindset, a pat on the back administered by my free hand ? Don’t you think ?

  3. Derrick says:

    Tom, My thinking is that we seriously raise the bar for marriage–not lower it.

    My thought is that we take what is sacred back from the state and let churches do the heavy lifting of teaching and imparting the true meaning of marriage.

    My thought is that we make marriage a holy covenant before God rather than paper before the state.

    What rightful role does the state have in sacred covenants? Caesar has secularized something holy. I say, we get it back.

  4. John says:

    Derrick, i friended you on facebook just to comment on this post, and then realized I could comment here 😉
    I agree whole heartedly with what you are saying. Marriage was supposed to be between believers and God. And that is the way it should be. I am not as well spoken as you are, so…. ditto

    As far as raising the bar for marriage, i also agree. The bar has already been dropped as low as i think it can go in the secular world. Not many people treat marriage the way they ought to. I think a bigger deal ought to be made about marriage in the church to help believers realize and take more seriously what they are entering into.

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