Lemmings are iconic rodents.  They are the mascots for those who follow the crowd to their own demise.

The cry of authoritarian leaders everywhere is, “Follow me without question.”  It doesn’t matter if it is a political leader pointing a flag, a husband playing Bill Gothard tapes, or a church leader thumping the Bible–they all say the same thing.  Despite the protest of history, reason and the Bible, there are always a plethora of lemmings who will follow them.

Is there a place for rightful authority?  Of course there is.  Is there also a place for people under authority to think for themselves?  Always.

Being a leader is a tremendous responsibility because there will always be a segment of the population who would rather follow than think.  Responsible leaders ask them to think–they beg their followers to think.  Dangerous leaders take their authority and use it as a lever to slow the thinking of the thinkers and quicken the pace of the lemmings.

Though Jesus had all authority, he refused to lead with it.  Yet He, who would not break a bruised reed or quench a smoldering wick, led with great effectiveness by quickening men and women to dare to think beyond the authority of their oppressors.  Under His leadership bruised reeds healed and smoldering wicks burned with intense heat.

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3 Responses to Lemmings.

  1. Tom Dodson says:

    while I have resided on both sides of this issue, today I will wear my elder hat. Incidently, I have been told that once an oversear, always an oversear. Can’t say I buy that as yet. but lets see what the future brings.
    While growing in Christ during the 80s and 90s, I was shackled in the chains of conservativeness, during the late 90s I bacame aquainted with two men who were of the opiion that I was all wet, but were willing to meet each week, let me rave, and then taught me the truth. I am indebted to them both today. Thanks Tim, Thanks Ron.
    So that brings us to cold and uncaring children, of Tom or of God. More Later.

  2. Sara Covey says:

    I never thought about it while you were her, but that ‘refusal to lead’ is what drew me into the congregation you led here at Cornerstone. You always packed our heads with information, scripture & things to consider (Hmmm…) Then trusted God to take over from there. Having grown up Baptist, I had usually been preached at… I won’t pretend to lay the blame on any church or congregation for my past deficiencies, I have no problem coming up with those all alone, but I loved leaving the service with a sense of curiosity & sometimes wonder at the things God led you to share with us. Terry misses you, but I am pleased as punch that I have found this way to share with you again. With all the love God can bestow on me to share, Sara

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