A FAQ on Me


I thought I would write a little document to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from our friends at Singing Hills.

Would you start a new church if we came? 

No.  I seriously appreciate the love and support behind the question, but I just don’t think this is the right path for us right now.

Will it change our friendship if we stay at SHCC?

No.  I don’t feel like staying or leaving either one is a reflection on our friendship or love for one another.

Should we stay or go? 

That is a personal call for you.  This is not a choice between good and evil, or spiritual or non-spiritual.  The elders are, to a man, good and godly men.  I don’t evaluate their decision in terms of good or evil, I prefer to put it in the category of wise and foolish.  Time will tell which it was.  I can’t see any wisdom behind it, but time will tell.

Will you be ok? 

Yes.  We are scrambling to make some key changes in our business to allow us to take a real salary from it.  The elders have said they will pay me for 60 days plus the three weeks of vacation time I have.  I trust them to honor their word and we are planning to be ready when the salary runs out.

Will you get back in the ministry?

Honestly, I don’t know.  The last two years have been very tough on me, and right now any place looks better than Nineveh.  We have signed a three year lease on the knife store and are upside down in our house.  We will spend the next three years healing—for both of us spiritually and with Wendy, also physically.  In three years, we will seek God’s direction.

We would love to maintain relationships with people who would like.  I will likely not seek them out because I don’t want to force people to feel like they have to choose between a relationship with our family and Singing Hills.

Please pray for us and for our children that God will grant us the grace of His peace.

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2 Responses to A FAQ on Me

  1. Mary Ann Hammons says:

    We are here for you! Praying for your healing and for your family. Please stay in touch.

    We love you.
    Mary Ann and Gary

  2. kevin says:

    Praying for your transition… kevin in japan

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