In the ancient world, when armies wanted to completely destroy an enemy long after they had gone, they would salt their fields.  It rendered the land sterile for a long time. No life.  No crops.

I have sat down to write many times in the past few weeks, but nothing came to me.  My soul is sterile.

I have wondered of and over how God could have ever used this dry soul to lead His Church.  The plants are withered and dry.  The soil is almost white with toxic sodium.

The answer, I believe is that there was fruit here. Rows and rows of crops grew here.  I remember times when the ground brought forth fruits of grace and hope.  I remember when people would stand around and celebrate the joy of the harvest.

Those were good days.

Then soldiers came and covered the field with salt.

I wish I could say they overpowered me.  I wish I could say I fought right to the bitter end.  I wish I could say, but I can’t.

The worst part of this destruction–at least for me–the soldiers did not blitz in a night, they came to me as friends.  I opened the front door.  I welcomed them in.  I fed them at my table.  I shared with them the precious fruit of my harvest.  Then, having won my trust, they pulled out bag after bag of salt.  Before I knew it, everything was sterile.

Nothing grows here now.

It is dead.

But something inside me is calling me to sit patiently and watch.  My hope is that one day, the stone will roll away and life will come from death.  My hope is this sterile soil will one day sprout resurrection.

Please, God, You are resurrection and life.  I could sure use You right now.

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11 Responses to Salt

  1. jared says:

    Shall we mix metaphors?
    You are the salt of the earth.
    Can’t wait to see you tonight my friend.

  2. Jolynn says:

    I think there are patches of soil that they missed. There are seeds planted that you may not have known fell out of your bag. You might not see them growing–but they are there, bearing fruit. What is that old saying (I’m going to misquote it)– “He who plants a seed beneath the sod & waits for it to grow knows God?” Don’t ever doubt the seeds you & Wendy and your family have sown. Your farming days are not over, friend.

  3. Jane Farrell says:

    When I felt betrayed by ones I loved it took awhile to feel God’s fruit in me again. But wanting to be obedient I would sit with my paper (I write my prayers) and tell the LORD I was here feeling nothing. But I would say Ps 103 over as if it “were”. At the end I’d say You know I don’t feel this, but this is what I want to feel. AND there did come a day when I felt God’s praise swell up in me like a flood light and my rejoicing has been in me ever since. So I know what is before you and I rejoice in our sweet LORD for this – I love you and your family. Jane Farrell

  4. Tom Dodson says:

    My Dear Friend and Brother,
    Derrick, Let me assure you that neither you nor HE is dead. Our time is not His time, our schedule is not His schedule. What is assured is that is His time, all will be made known. I urge you dear friend to stay the course. In the overall this is nothing but a hiccup, a short pause in the course of things.
    Job wrote in my favorite passage, tho he slay me, yet will I trust HIM. Job 13:15. Reafirm your trust in Him today. We shall overcome.

  5. chuck says:

    as one crying out in the wilderness….literally……email me when available, my friend

  6. Carol Samples says:

    I will be praying for you, Derrick. The people that truly love you and care about you have not lost faith in your abilities. Maybe God is giving you the rest you well deserve. Sincerely, Carol.

  7. sjb says:

    Anyone who sits and reads Jeremiah by a stream on Mt. Hood isn’t spiritually dead yet!

    Hang in there, bro!

  8. charlene dodson says:

    Dear Derrick, you’re right..sit patiently and watch! The Spirit is directing you, time is needful. As I was listening to a sermon by Chuck Swindol the other night, I was wondering why this infirmity had come upon me, he said God doesn’t waste infirmity, if something bad has happened to us, God will use it to prepare us to minister to someone else. He went on to say that God never promised to take away the storm, but that He promised He would be there to help us through it. You are a very talented minister, let God carry you for a little while, while you’re healing. My heart ached for you when I read about salt. God bless you Derrick and keep on keeping on! love your sister charlene.

  9. Bob Campbell says:


    Your words of honesty and truth (like a Psalm) resonate with my struggles. Thank you for your courage to write them. Let’s do lunch!


  10. vernon says:

    in the words of mother theresa……….

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