Nice and Neat

We are coming up on Christmas faster than I would like to think.

Christmas morning.  Imagine a tree with all of the presents under the tree.  Everyone has spent time wrapping them up just right.  Bows are tied.  All the unsightly corners are tucked.  Everything is nice and neat.

It is much neater than an hour or so later.

An hour or so later, there are scraps of paper everywhere.  Bows are in a box.  Ribbons are scattered.  Boxes are open and piled up.  It looks like a disaster.

Neater is not always better.

While everything is nice and neat, you don’t even know what you have.  It is not until everything gets all messy that things get interesting.

I think it is that way following Jesus.  Neater is not always better.

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  1. Carol Samples says:

    Good thoughts! When are you going to put more of your sermons online? I really enjoy listening to them, and I don’t feel like you’re so far away. Yes, I miss you and Wendy and the girls. So glad you are all on FB. Love you guys!

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