Make My Sin Greater

Recently I posted on my Facebook, “Father, may my sin always be greater than my brothers that I might have grace for him.”  It sparked a bit of conversation.

I have been having a large number of conversations about grace (part of the hazard of being a pastor).  They circle two themes.

The first is, “Have I gone too far?  Is there still hope for me?”  The second is like it but much more dangerous.  “Has so and so gone too far?  Is there any hope for him?”

The first theme is a question that comes from someone broken by their sin.  The second comes from someone proud of their righteousness.  The first is a look in the mirror.  The second is a voyeuristic look through binoculars.

My prayer is that I will never stop seeing my own sin for what it is.  My prayer is that the sin I have will disgust me precisely because it is mine.  My prayer is that I will never take grace given to me so lightly that I am willing to condemn the people around me.

It is possible that my own sin–as horrible as it is–could help me to love my brother more.  I am pretty sure that makes me a better Christian.

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  1. Travis Fleming says:

    Indeed. I find that most people are just afraid of the mirror, so they pick up the binoculars.
    Voyeurism is considered creepy and poor social behavior in reality, why not with our other struggles?

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