A Week Without Wendy

This week I have gotten to play Mr. Mom as Wendy has flown home to attend her grandmother’s funeral.  I have missed her terribly

A couple weeks ago, I sat down with the Divorce Care class and they told me about being a single parent.  I didn’t know I would get a chance to look at it up close and personal so soon.

My hat is off to this group of tireless parents.  Wendy is just gone for a week, and I still have her full support in parenting.  All I had to do was wrangle schedules and shuffle kids.  My hands were full.  These one parent families do it all the time.

It is funny how God gives you little glimpses into the lives of other people through your own.  He gives us windows that allow us to appreciate the people on the other side.  Those windows give us grace.

Not grace for us.  Grace for others.

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