The Balance of Grace

This Sunday, I am preaching about marriage, but it will feel like I am talking about divorce.  It feels that way because we live in a world where the best things are always polluted with the worst things.  Every marriage is sown with the seeds of divorce.  Sometimes those seeds come to fruition and sometimes they don’t.  When they do, they are always ugly.

I pray my message is heard as grace.

We have far too many fingers pointing at us.  We have far too many voices telling us we don’t measure up.  We have far too many reminders we are not perfect.

I don’t want to be another.

Wherever you are.  Married.  Divorced.  Remarried.  Wherever you are, there is grace.  God is not trying to condemn you, He is calling you to follow.  And for the places we stumble, He bleeds grace.

Grace is dangerous because there is always the temptation to abuse it—to sin that grace may abound.  Some of us run to Law to balance that grace.  We want a rule.  We want a consequence.  We want a punishment.  We want a law to balance grace and keep people from abusing.

But the balance of grace is not law.  The balance of grace is love.  We don’t need more law.  We have plenty.  What we need to do is fall in love with the One who loves us so much He bled grace.  For the love of God, I hate sin.  For the love of Christ, I do not want to sin.   I don’t want to disappoint God.  I don’t want to disappoint you.  Not for law, but for love.

As it turns out, grace is love.  As it turns out, grace is balanced by love because grace is encompassed by love.  May the love of Christ compel you and cover you.

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  1. Carol Samples says:

    AMEN!!! What a revelation….I praise and adore God for His freely given GRACE! Thank you, Derrick.

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