Videos Galore…

We have been very busy making videos.  We are getting better and better.  We will continue to make things more creative.  I have to get off this black background!

In this first video, we took a picture of a scene and used it to depict the events of Mark 8.  It was a fun use of the editing software and it was challenging.


The next video was rejected by YouTube…I think you will see why.  What I most enjoyed about this video was the twist that comes at the end.  And…sadly, there is a little technical difficulty that I didn’t take time to fix on the online version.  It is not too distracting.

Big Cats

And the final one is the one we had the most fun shooting.  We got people in the congregation to star in this one.  It deals with the transfiguration as a reminder of the reality of Jesus.

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