What the Fuck?

Today, a friend of mine shared with me the story of a girl who was raped by a deacon at church. Her father was the pastor of the church and, for the sake of the deacon’s reputation, did nothing and went on as if nothing happened.


What the fuck?

I have had first hand experience with a church that actively covered up multiple sexual assaults. They wanted to “protect the reputation of the church.”

What the fuck?

I know the language is harsh. We have to hear it. The world understands how wrong this is. They look at us and say, “What the fuck?”  The church doesn’t seem to get it.

What is wrong with us?

When did we forget that our job is to fight for the oppressed? When did we forget our calling was to care for those who could not care for themselves? When did we forget our role in opposing evil?

We can stand up and oppose homosexual marriage. God forbid that two consenting adults would commit their lives to one another and have sex.   But we are silent when church “leaders” have sex with children.

What the fuck?

We can preach and pound the pulpit about family values. We march against pornography. We write letters about dress codes and dances. And we cover up the sexual violence that happens in our own buildings.

What the fuck?

We can be outraged that someone says, “Fuck” on a theological blog while , but until we get serious about protecting people—protecting children—from those oppressors within and without, the world will continue to hear our message of “Love,” and say, “What the fuck?”

I’m not so sure Jesus wouldn’t say it too.

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6 Responses to What the Fuck?

  1. Todd Helmkamp says:

    And we wonder why people look at the church and want nothing to do with it.

    • jack walker says:

      There is no perfect church. We have so little control. We have to fight the good fight and do our best with God’s help. Prayer. What does the Bible have to say? If there is an answer it would be there. Be, Blessed, give it to the LORD.

      • Josh says:

        True, there is no perfect church, but rather than dealing with their problems head on, with honesty and humility, too many churches choose to just white-wash the tomb.

  2. Steve Barber says:

    Preach it, brother!

  3. Brad Edwards says:

    Definitely a solid point, and an even better question!

  4. jack walker says:

    Jesus wouldn’t say it. God is in charge. This life isn’t easy, especially on our own understanding. J…

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