Inspire me.

An admittedly tardy and short thought, but a thought none the less.

A friend of mine was discussing the importance of apologetics (defending the *right* faith).  She was concerned mostly about setting everyone straight about some pressing issue.  She said, “If we don’t stand on doctrine, what is it that makes us different?  And don’t say, “Love” because that is not enough.”

Not enough?  Really?

When God wanted to call His people back to Him, it was not by thumping Law more.  It was through Jesus, Love incarnate.

Doctrine, I get.  I understand it is important to know what you believe.  But I am not inspired by doctrine.  I am not driven by doctrine.  I am not called to come and die for doctrine.  I need Love.

I need something bigger than my rule book.  I need something bigger than the Mosaic Law.  I need something bigger than the law of tradition.  I need something bigger than my own rigid laws.

I need Love.

I need something calling me to be more than I am.  I need something inspiring me to care.  I need something to lure me forward into a Kingdom I don’t understand from the crumbling one I do.

I need Love.  Love is a God who set the tablets of law aside for a cross of sacrifice.

Love is something I can long for and pursue with my soul.

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  1. Tom Dodson Sr says:

    Derrick, Again you have cut to the chase. Without love I am a

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