New Sermons

I got a little behind in posting these, but I didn’t get behind in preaching them.  🙂

Mirror, Mirror The first one is called “Mirror, Mirror” and is a reflection (ha) on how we demand things from God and each other but really don’t care what response we get because we have already made up our minds.  This sermon went entirely ok.  I thought the idea was good, but there was a whole section in the middle that could have been dropped.  I would give it a B.  Maybe a B-.


Remembering Bread The second one, preached today is called, “Remembering Bread.”  It encourages us to take time to remember what God has done for us so we can face what is currently unfolding in our lives.  This sermon went well.  I give it an A.  🙂

So, if you are keeping track, that is a 3.3 gap the last two weeks.

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