Moments Matter

Yesterday, Karis, my eldest daughter, turned 17.  It makes me feel like I am getting old.  It sent my mind racing.

Some days it seems like the day will never end.  Time creeps by slowly.  But it does end.  Some weeks are like that.  Monday and Friday are an eternity apart.  We have had months that the budget made the month seem far too long.  Years seem to drag.

But 17 years later, it is all a blur.  21 years of marriage has been like that.  Come to think of it 42 years of life have been that way.

When we are right there, sometimes time stands still.  But when we get a little perspective, it has moved quickly.  Imagine what the perspective looks like if it is taken larger still?  Perhaps a thousand years look like a day.

I don’t know how to get in my head that our time in flesh is short.  It goes by in the blink of an eye.  I want to enjoy every single moment of my life, but I am recognizing those moments are frightfully few.

May we make the moments we do have glorify God—the God who has the perspective of the Ancient of Days—the God for whom 17 years is nothing, 42 years is nothing, 1000 years is nothing.  May THAT God be glorified by our moments.

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3 Responses to Moments Matter

  1. DC says:

    42…? You’re not old!

  2. Carol Samples says:

    When my son passed away, I realized that time goes way too quickly…one makes plans to do things such as a trip…I thought I had plenty of time, then all of sudden there was no time. Ceasing the day is so very important because once the sun sets that’s the end of the day. The time has passed. Carpa Deim!

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