Something Profound.

It is Christmas time and I remember–back when I prepared sermons every week–hating this time of year.  I always hated it for the same reason.  I have to tell the same stories and preach the same texts I have preached for 25 years and still come up with something profound.

Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the Christmas play at church.  It is cute.

Every year I combed through the texts looking for some bit of gold I had missed every other year.  Every year I found it.

It was always the same gold, yet it was always as fresh and profound as the first time.  It is the part we miss over and over.

We miss it in our church politics.  We miss it in our debates over doctrine.  We miss it when we twist the Scriptures to fit our political ideology.  We miss it in our theology.  We miss it in our study.  We miss this bit of gold far too often.

Here it is.


God who loves.

God who came.

We…I…miss the profound.

I miss Emmanuel.  God with us.  He is and was and always shall be far beyond just something profound.

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6 Responses to Something Profound.

  1. Tom Dodson Sr says:

    You have caused me to exercise some almosr senile brain cells, which caused me to ask my self, How well do you know Jesus? Could you pick Him out of a crowd? My sad answer is No. Then I thought about Jesus who had gone home to his Father, given up his physical body and became spirit again. A passage that has intriged me for a long time John 14:17 “He dwells with you and will be in you” Explain that Derrick, I await breathlessly.

  2. Vicky Bohn says:

    Remember your sermon from last year? It was the most profound Christmas sermons I’d ever heard. I still think we need to check out getting it published. Love you!

  3. Tom Dodson Sr says:

    Gotta couple things to say to you brother. 1. I love you and your family. 2. I love to hear your exegesis on Bible passages. Charlene and I used to discuss what you had preached all week long. It seems to be getting longer and longer between posts here. I encourage you to not let your talents go or to hide them under a bushel. Keep on Keeping on

  4. Gary and Joyce Johnston says:

    Hi Derek and Wendy,

    We would very much like to invite you two to dinner, but don’t know how to contact you. Hope this might work. Would you please call us at 503-359-9656 or e-mail us so we could talk about it?

    Gary and Joyce

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