Scratching for Something to Eat

Around my house, going to the grocery store has been pretty low on the priority list. That could be because we have had other things going on, or it could be that I hate going and so I haven’t. Either way, it has made for some interesting discussions.

I have seen every member of my family walk into the kitchen hungry. They open the refrigerator, stand and look. Then they give the door a push and it goes closed. They move to the pantry. They stand and look at the shelves. The door closes and they walk out dejected.

At one point, Wendy declared definitively, “There is nothing to eat.”

I said, “Really? What do you want? Look again, there are all kinds of things in there; just use your imagination.”

In fact, our pantry is filled with food. The food is uninteresting and basic, but it fills the shelves.

That is, often, my experience with the Scriptures. I go to the shelves and declare them, “Empty.”

I stand and look, but nothing just jumps out at me. I guess that means there are no heat and eat meals. I shut it tight and walk away.

Wendy went back to the pantry and pulled out tomatoes, beans and corn. Then she went to the refrigerator and got some hamburger browned a day before. She put them all together for some taco soup. It was tasty. It was better than heat and serve.

The key to finding something satisfying from the Scriptures is the same–open it back up and read it again. This time, don’t look for something easy, look for something that is there.

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