Politically Speaking

This week I read an article which said Christians should be left-wing Democrats.

Before you get too excited, a good bit of the world think Christians should all be right-wing Republicans.

What are they thinking?

Do we really think Jesus would fall in line behind some sort of political party?  Do we really think Jesus would bow to the lobbyists who vie for their causes?  Do we really think Jesus would systematize compassion or would blindly ignore the poor?  Do we really think Jesus would stump for our candidate?

I have political bents.  I am wired up a certain way.  I, like you, or unlike you, am wired up as a conservative leaning Republican.  I find, in my gut, I line up there.

But it is not my gut that matters.

My gut is the same gut that covets and leers and hates and wanders from the truth.  My gut is the part of me that lead me astray.

When Jesus became Lord of my life, I became a follower of Jesus.  My political views were drowned in the water of baptism.  How I was originally wired is the flesh I battle against.  What is important is the rewiring Jesus did in my spirit.

That rewired spirit is radically different from anything in this world—liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat.  My politics and my life are the same—denying myself, taking up a cross and following Jesus.

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2 Responses to Politically Speaking

  1. Jules says:

    Life is not as simply defined/divided as a political party. Love, especially Jesus’ compassionate love, is messier than that.

  2. Steve says:

    I think He would speak the truth: that politicians of both parties are hypocrites, more concerned with their own power than with justice, truth or righteousness.

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