True Love

As you guys know, I am contemplating mortality a lot these days.

There is something scarier than dying.  For Wendy and me it is living as someone else.  Every moment the brain tumor is in her head, she becomes a little less her.  Every surgery that has the hope of returning her also has the very real chance of pushing her even further away.

I am not sure I could handle that.

On Valentine’s Day, I received the soothing word of the Lord through Wendy.  We were talking about the upcoming surgery.  I told her I didn’t ever want her to forget my love for her.  She responded by taking my face in her hands and telling me, “I could never forget your love.  It is far too deep inside me to ever forget.”

I can handle whatever comes.

May the grace of God find its place so deep in you that you never forget it.

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  1. chuck rodgers says:

    Wow! Indeed…..loving your family from afar….

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