The Game

Games and Life

I was thinking about the rich young ruler.  We talked about him last week.  He asks Jesus how he might inherit eternal life.  Jesus gives him a list of rules.  He replies, “I’ve followed all of those rules, there has to be something more.

Did you play checkers?  The rules are simple.  Children play it.  I remember as a child growing out of it.  I don’t play checkers any more.  As I have gotten older, however, I know people (like my mom) who play checkers at a whole different level than I ever thought possible.

I play a game by the rules, but they play the game.  They have strategy.  I just move pieces around the board.  They sacrifice some pieces and by doing so win the game.

They play at a different level.  I play like a 5 year old.  It is no fun at all for me.

Jesus answered the man, “One thing you lack, go sell everything you have and give it to the poor and come follow me.”

I wonder if Jesus wasn’t giving him the strategy of life.  I wonder if this man had played the game of life by all the rules, but was just moving pieces around the board.  Jesus said, “Sir, there is a whole different level on which you can play this game—and it is way better.”

I know people who are thoroughly bored with their faith.  They pray, read their Bible and go to church, but they have long since lost their passion for the game.  Perhaps we need to learn to play this game of faith and life at a whole different level.  A level for adults.

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