Happy Dance

My previous post included a new video Steve and I just completed.

Steve and I have NO, ZERO, NADA real video experience.  So when he and I agreed to do our video curriculum for our small groups, we were headed into uncharted territory.  Whether we could do it or not was up in the air.

I went to a minister’s meeting a few months ago and met a guy named Dave who does video work for his church and for ministries around the country.  He offered to tutor us on videography.  We took him up on it.

A few weeks later we visited to get an idea of the equipment we would need and what was involved in the whole process.  We were overwhelmed.

On Monday, we packed up all our equipment and went to see Dave again.  He gave us a crash course on the operation of our camera.  He sent us out and asked us to send him our video.  We did.

I just got his evaluation.  He liked it.  🙂  He had some hard words on a few things, but the vast majority of the evaluation was good–great, actually.  But, he liked it.

Happy dance.

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3 Responses to Happy Dance

  1. Steve says:

    Soooo jazzed to be part of this!!!!

  2. Dr. Derrick Bohn: Not only did I go to your YouTube Page and watch the video, I “liked” it with a “thumbs up” and left a comment. I noticed nobody else had left a comment. People need to understand how important these comments are. When I post videos of my own, I get private messages telling me how much they loved my video, or they write to me on facebook, but that does not help the YouTube Page!

    The video was excellent and your commentary was profound. Great job. So proud of you.

    Shining my love into your world,
    Gayle Joplin Hall, PhD
    The Happiness Life Coach

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  3. Me says:


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