Ambassadors for God

Tonight at our small group, we were talking about what it means to be God’s ambassadors.

It occurs to me…one of the most important parts of being an ambassador is knowing both the one who sent you and the one to whom you go.  If you represent the United States, you approach North Korea differently than the United Kingdom.

When you go to North Korea, you go ready to play hard ball.  The negotiations are stressful and you know, in the end, you are mostly trying to avert disaster.

If you are headed to the UK, you take a different approach.  The UK and the US are on the same side.  The US genuinely wants to help its ally.

The tone is completely different.  If you mis-identify the relationship, it matters.

Too often, the Church has taken the role of ambassador representing God to an enemy.  We have come arguing, fighting and threatening war.

What if we mis-identified the relationship?

What if our job is not to come as to an enemy, but to a friend?  What if our job is to represent God to the ones for whom He sent His Son to die?  What if the One who sent us wants us to communicate the message that He would rather die than see us perish?

Does it change things?  I think it changes everything.

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